BSIS Licensed TFF 1314

Upland and Inland Empire Guard Card

Earn your California BSIS Guard Card from BSIS Licensed Instructors. TFF 1314.

National Standard

Setting a National Standard for Security Guard Card Training.

Instructor-Led Training

Student manuals, instructor presentations, chapter knowledge checks, lesson final examinations.

The Best Training in the Inland Empire, Upland for Security Guard Cards

Our Upland facility course offerings include:

  • Security Guard Card
    8-hours pre-assignment training
  • Permit for Exposed Firearm
    Become an armed guard and earn higher pay!
  • Baton Permit
    Side-handled and telescoping
  • Electroshock Weapons
  • Annual Refresher (Continuing Education)
  • Pepper/OC Spray (Chemical Agents)
  • Off-site Range Qualifications
    Live-fire qualifications

Only at the Security Training Center® will you receive soft-bound books that you keep for the security guard card, Baton and Firearms training, other training centers give you a link to print out state manuals only. Our books contain all information pertaining to your training as a professional security officer and are written, edited by BSIS certified instructors that either have Master Degrees in Education or extensive knowledge, skills and experience in the security field. We also have 2 NRA Training Counselors that train firearms instructors and conduct NRA certified firearms courses.

Security Training Center® exceeds the minimum training requirement so our students will have the tools and knowledge necessary to be a professional security officer that will advance quickly in the security field.

We have professional textbooks for our students that have complete information on your training needs and for reference after you are done with your training. We are the only guard training company that has professionally bound books for Security Guard Training.

Facility Address

Security Training Center®
290 N. Benson Avenue, Suite 10
Upland, CA  91786
(909) 579-0777

8-hours Guard Card or 40-hours Guard Card Training

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Licensed

You may ask yourself why is there a difference in the required training and what will the 40 hour guard card training do for me that the 8 hour guard card will not.

You have to look at it as if you were the employer who is looking at you as the employee. They are responsible to make sure you are current on your guard card training requirements and if you are not they can be fined, it's not cheap. They also have to train you for the post that you are assigned and this is a cost factor as well. They are looking at the cost and if you will stay with the company, this is their bottom line (profit factor).

Now if you are applying for a job and there are 2 people applying and you are one of them. You have only 8 hours of guard card training completed and the other person has all 40 hours of the guard card done. They would take the person with all 40 hours guard card training done because of the cost factor, they know all the training was done and they will not have to track their training. If they take you then they have to make sure you complete your guard card training on time or they have to replace you with another guard. The training for that post starts all over again and this eats at the profit for that post.

All professional security guards that work in the state of California must be licensed and registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). To be properly licensed, the security guard must complete a standard course in the powers of arrest, weapons of mass destruction/ terrorism awareness, public relations, observation and documentation, Communication and its Significance, Liability/Legal Aspects and other elective courses that vary depending upon the training facility.

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